Towel Raw Materials Process

- Aug 15, 2019-

Towels are woven fabrics with terry piles or cut piles on the surface of textile fibers (such as cotton). Generally, cotton yarns are used as raw materials, and a small amount is blended with blended yarns or chemical fiber yarns. Made from a towel loom. There are two types of knitting and weaving according to the weaving method; face towels, pillow towels, bath towels, towel quilts, sofa towels, etc. according to the use, and there are towel cloths for sewing clothes. The surface loops are dense, soft to the touch, strong in water absorption and storage, good abrasion resistance and good heat retention. Common designs include all-white towels, plain towels, color towels, printed towels, mercerized towels, spiral towels, jacquard towels, and jacquard printed towels. Square towels, face towels, bath towels, towels, etc.).