Towel Profile

- Jul 30, 2019-

Towel is a cleaning product, which is characterized by square cotton textiles. The method of use is to wipe the skin after wringing, so as to remove the stains, clean and cool.

The towel is a fabric with a loop structure composed of three system yarns interwoven with each other. The yarns of these three systems are wool warp, ground warp and weft. With the development of science and technology, warp-knitted towel fabrics have emerged. These towel loops are firmly consolidated, but the form is relatively single, and the vast majority on the market are woven towels. The world's first towel was born in 1850 and originated in Britain. It has a history of more than 160 years. From the simplest plain plain woolen towel to the jacquard jacquard, printing, untwisted towel, cut pile towel, etc., it is the shortest and fastest developing textile product.