Microfiber Towel Instructions

- May 30, 2019-

1. Super water absorption: Super water absorption, can also be used as a bath towel, dry the skin after bathing or swimming, especially for girls with long hair

2. Decontamination and degreasing self-cleaning function, suitable for kitchen towels, furniture wipes, etc. such as sofa, furniture, household appliances, home crafts and other surfaces, use this towel to wipe dirt and dust on the surface of the object; Wipe on the surface of the object.

3. It can be used to wipe the car to completely absorb the dust inside and outside the car. Because its fiber is extremely fine, it will not harm the surface of the car. It has strong water absorption function, and the water stain will not be removed quickly.

4. Office cleaning and protection: clean office countertops, folders, computer monitors, hosts, keyboards, and various office supplies, etc., can be used wet and dry, wipe directly with water or use detergent

Microfiber towels are 200 times thinner than hair. The dirt does not enter the inside of the fiber. It only adheres to very fine fibers. It can't hide dirt at all, so cleaning is quite easy.