History Of Towels

- Oct 19, 2019-

The towel industry, as a sub-item of the home textile industry, has been developed in China for many years. Towels and bedding are completely different. As a stable market, consumers generally do not pay much attention to it, which is of low value. Consumables. Because people's living habits and quality of life have not been significantly improved with economic income, a considerable number of consumers have great differences in quality identification, price, and frequency of purchase when purchasing towel products.

The world's first towel was born in 1850 and originated in the United Kingdom. It has a history of more than 150 years.

In 1912, the first towel factory in China, Shanghai Sanyou Industrial Co., Ltd., was announced. It was run by the famous patriotic industrialist Shen Jiucheng of China and his two fellow townsmen Chen Wanyun and Fang Zhida. "Meaning," in the name of "Sanyou Industrial Co., Ltd." When Shen Jiucheng saw that the Chinese towel market had been monopolized by Japanese goods "iron anchor brand" for a long time, he sprouted his own domestic towels and began to compete with them to regain the idea of our towel market.

After painstaking research by Mr. Shen Jiucheng and factory technicians, he finally produced high-quality towels with soft texture and durable wear. When giving the towel a brand name, a "triangle" symbolizes the trio's hardships, hardships, and unity.