Towel purchase

- Oct 17, 2019-

The variety of towel is very much, the difference of quality is very big also. Towel of choose and buy correctly should notice a few respects.

1.Buy the towel with clear mark to regular shop. Shopping malls, supermarkets or stores for the general supply of regular manufacturers. Qualified towel products should have standard marks, clearly indicating the manufacturer, origin, telephone, trademark, implementation standards, washing methods, etc. 

2. Consumers in the purchase of towels can also check whether there is "star towel product logo" brand, there is no OEKO100 eco-textile certification mark. Products certified by eco-textiles are completely free of toxic and pathogenic substances and are completely green and environmentally friendly. The quality of star - rated towels is perfect.

3. See: whether towel is sewn fine, neat, hair circle height is level off, color is pure and bright, the person that does not have depth unevenness phenomenon is good.

4. Touch: good cotton towel feel fluffy, soft and no greasy feeling, hold in the fist soft and elastic, beat no lint off.

5. Smell: good towels smell good.

6. Test: first test hygroscopicity; Method is to hang the towel, with the hand after the water to the towel, the water does not roll off, indicating good water absorption; If there are drops of water, it indicates that the softener in the towel is excessive or not refined enough. Second test color fastness; Method is the first 80℃ or so of hot water into the basin, and then put the towel up and down to lift tide wash, the basin water did not change color is better. If there is a significant color, it indicates that the quality of printing and dyeing is poor, harmful to human health.

7. Burn: pull out a towel edge of the loop yarn into a loop, lit with fire, burning quickly, gray black ash, light and no slag is pure cotton or cellulose renewable fiber. If there are hard lumps in the burnt ash, it indicates that the yarn is blended with chemical synthetic fiber.