Towel maintenance tips

- Sep 19, 2019-

Follow care label instructions carefully. Avoid overheated water and prolonged drying when washing cotton towels. Tumble drying in the dryer makes cotton towels puffier and softer than hanging them to dry.Use half the amount of detergent recommended on the label to make the towel softer. Avoid dumping the detergent directly on the towel. Dumping the detergent directly on the towel will leave the detergent residue on the towel and cause the towel to harden. Choose mild detergents and minimize the use of chlorine bleach.Fabric softener should not be used frequently. Avoid using fabric softeners that contain silicone, which can leave a layer of wax behind and interfere with water absorptionWash the dark towels separately from the light ones. Avoid washing towels with clothing that contains zippers, hooks or buttons, which can damage towel coils. Do not wash the towel with the garment. The terry fabric will wrap the garment in thin soft fabric.Spread the towel over the clothes pole and let it dry vertically for quick drying. The number of washing times affects the use time of the towel, the less the washing times, the longer the towel use time. Don't leave damp towels for too long, they can breed mold and bacteria.