Towel common sense

- Aug 30, 2019-

Dark towels cost more than light ones, and light towels last longer than dark ones. Because of the high cost of dark color, that is, the chemical input, the dyeing time is higher. So there's a lot of damage to the fiber. And the darker the color, the worse the fastness. Children should use light colors. Don't buy embroidered towels.Wet towels are more likely to rot than dry ones, which can lead to bacterial infections.Hardening occurs over time.Why some towel after entering the water did not absorb water? Some towels dry up when touched. A new towel that doesn't absorb water doesn't mean the towel isn't good or isn't pure cotton, because in the process of treating the towel, an auxiliary agent is used: softener this thing is a liquid, and the towel will become very soft after passing through it. It has two kinds: one is water absorption; One is non-absorbent. Naturally, you know what the problem is.The product color that does not absorb water is special bright-coloured, seem to show besmear a layer of grease is same; So, when you want to buy bibulous towel word, very thin towel is very bright-coloured word, be not bibulous.