Corn fiber towel

- Mar 30, 2019-

The milk protein fiber towel uses high-tech technology to dissolve the milk protein ingredients into the fiber, so that the fiber contains rich milk essence, which has a nutritional and health-care effect on human skin, and supplements skin moisture. It is a good product for people's skin care and beauty.
Silk fibroin is a protein fiber extracted from silkworm pupae. Silk fibroin contains 18 kinds of amino acids the same as human skin, which has a good skin care and moisturizing effect. A towel made by co-solving silk fibroin in prion protein with polyvinyl alcohol has the luster of silk and the hygroscopicity and softness of viscose. It also has the functions of skin care and health care. It is also a top product in towels.
Corn fiber is fermented by corn starch to produce lactic acid, and then synthesized into polylactic acid fiber. It is a naturally-degradable and environmentally-friendly synthetic fiber with high-quality properties such as sterility, health, and environmental protection. This towel has good drape, smoothness and strong moisture absorption.