Combed cotton towels

- Aug 15, 2019-

Combing cotton is to add refined combing cotton in the process of spinning. The method is to comb out the shorter fibers and kick out the impurities in the flowers, making the cotton more resilient, not easy to pilling, and more stable quality. The towel that makes good with combed cotton depends on simple sense, washable, durable degree has higher level.The microfiber towel has six main characteristicsSuperabsorbency: ultrafine fibers are divided into eight segments by orange flap technology, which increases the surface area of the fibers and the pores in the fabric. Rapid absorption of water and rapid drying become its remarkable characteristics.Strong decontamination: the fiber is 1/10 of the silk, 1/200 of the hair, its special cross section can more effectively capture the dust particles down to a few microns, decontamination, deoiling effect is very obvious.Non-depilation: high strength synthetic filament, not easy to break, at the same time using fine weaving method, do not draw silk, do not take off the ring, fiber is not easy to fall off from the surface of the towel. Use it to make clean towel, wipe the car towel, especially suitable for polishing paint surface, electroplating surface, glass, instrument and LCD screen, etc., in the process of car laminating glass cleaning treatment, can achieve a very ideal laminating effect.Long life: due to the great strength and toughness of the superfine fiber, its service life is more than four times that of ordinary towel, and it will not deform after washing for many times. At the same time, the polymer fiber will not produce proteolysis like cotton fiber, which will not be sundried after use, nor become moldy or rotten. It has a long life.Easy to clean: when ordinary towel is used, especially natural fiber towel, the dust, grease and dirt on the surface of the rubbed object will be directly absorbed into the fiber after use and remain in the fiber, which is not easy to remove. After a long time, it will even become hard and lose elasticity, affecting the use. And ultrafine fiber towel is to absorb dirt between fibers (not inside fibers), and fiber density is high, density, so adsorption ability is strong, after use only need to clean with water or a little detergent can.Non-fading: the dyeing process adopts tf-215 dyeing agents for ultrafine fiber materials, whose tardiness, dip-dyeing, high-temperature dispersibility and decolorization indexes all reach the strict standards of the export international market. In particular, its advantages of non-fading make it completely free from the trouble of decolorization pollution when cleaning the surface of articles.