Chitin fiber towel

- Apr 30, 2019-

Chitin fiber is derived from chitin in shrimp skin and crab shell, and is the only cationic fiber in nature. The yang and yin-bearing bacteria carried by them are adsorbed by van der Waals force, causing the cell membrane to rupture, and the serous fluid to escape and die. At the same time, chitin fiber can also induce bacteria to produce crustase, which can not only promote cell wall decomposition and inhibit bacterial growth. Moreover, it can promote the metabolism of cells, activate the cells to refine the skin, promote wound healing and reduce scarring.It can also activate glucosamine produced by the interaction between chitin and lysozyme, which can activate subcutaneous mononuclear macrophages and nuclear glomerulocytes. Therefore, it can improve skin immunity and prevent skin cancer. Therefore, chitin fiber has the function of sterilizing and preventing cancer without any toxic and side effects. Chitin in chitin is also a good moisturizing factor and has a maintenance function for the skin. The towels weaved with it are high-energy health towels with antibacterial, deodorant and beauty skin care functions.